I Do

Katya tried to shake off her sense of foreboding. This was going to be harder than she thought.

“Tiki, we may need to go further back in time.”

“Sorry for the rough ride, Katya. I think we hit the bend in the wormhole.”   It ricocheted us forward two-one half years to February 1977.   I looked back when we hit the cabin and saw Gina staring from the window.  I’m pretty sure she saw us.”

“I know, Katya replied. I saw her too and that guy she hooked up with. What was his name, Anthony?  That Beretta he was pointing could’ve ended our mission. It’s a good thing we became invisible just before we hit the bend.”

“The Time Machine is in need of repair. We will have to stay here until I get it up and running. It may be a few days.”

“Do we have enough power to check in on Gina? I want to catch up. Maybe we can do something, now, in this time?”

“We can try.”  

Tiki gave Katya his usual frozen stare. One of his earrings had looped around an ear, so she carefully unwound it for him.  

“There you go, good as new.”

Katya looked through the scope and shook her head.

“Oh, no it looks like we’re too late.  Quick, take a look.”

Tiki pulled the scope away from Katya and bent forward to see. 

“Maybe this whole idea is a waste of time. Is there nothing we can do?…

Anthony and Gina were at the Courthouse with Gina’s parents.

Gina was dressed in a black jumpsuit and boots and Anthony had on a two-toned pair of designer jeans a light blue dress shirt and his good dress shoes, the ones with the two-inch heels. 

Does anyone here know of a reason why this couple should not be wed?

The judge was looking down at the couple and staring at Gina. He’d searched his mind for a good reason and couldn’t find one. The fact that Anthony was eleven years her senior, about to marry his second wife mattered little. Anthony had produced the divorce decree everything was in order. 

“Are you SURE that you want to marry?” The judge asked looking directly at Gina.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Gina, replied.

Gina’s parents signed as witnesses.  And it was done.  

After that Anthony and Gina went bowling.  

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