Blind Eye

“Tiki let’s back up a bit. Can you take the time machine a few months further back into the past?   Gina needs our help.”

“Sure thing, Katya. I can have us there in two blinks and a meow.  It is still so amazing to me that we can change the course of history.  Just think Gina and Tony can each go their separate ways before things get out of control. All we need to do is go back to that instant where it all went south or should I say tropical.  Are you sure we can do it?  I’d hate to make things worse.”

Katya looked at her hanai cousin, that was the most Tiki had said in decades.  She knew Tiki had his doubts, but Katya M. Cartouche was willing to risk it. Besides, the Bald Wonder had assured her that it could work. 

“Just get us there, Tiki, and step on it.”

“So, what’s with the eye?” At first glance, Tony’s left eye looked bloodshot. The white had a red blotch in it.

“This is what happens when you’re a Good Samaritan. I was just helping a damsel in distress. How was I supposed to know it was her boyfriend?”

“Gee, I don’t know, ask?”

“There wasn’t time for that.”

“It looks to me like you’re the one who needs saving.” 

Gina observed Tony’s shiner. Her first impression was rearing its ugly head. 

It had been an impulse on Gina’s part.  Sue and Gina had met up with Dirty J. and Tony at another milk bar outside The Honk better know as Kerhonkson.  The girls had found the tavern quickly. The establishment had dark paneling and smelled of oak and cultured cream.  Two other patrons sat at the end of the bar, it was otherwise empty.   

Tony led the way back to his stool.  Dirty J. turned when the girls came in he’d seemed surprised to see Gina.  Sue greeted her old man with a kiss and sat down next to him.

“ Welcome girls. Glad you could come. Good to see you, Gina, J. said.” 

Dirty J had given her a funny look like I thought you were smarter than this.  But Gina blinked it back into her subconscious. 

“Thanks, good to see you too,” Gina replied.

It was apparent that Gina and Sue had some catching up to do.  They each ordered a shot of 4% and a tall glass of blended Nepeta cataria. Gina opened up a fresh pack of rolling papers and her stash of harvested leaves, rolled out a cigarette and lit it inhaling deeply. She then offered it to the others.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Dirty J. and I are going to take you and Sue to my uncle’s cabin in the woods, the closest neighbor is a mile away.  There’s a creek behind it where we can catch fish.” It is empty this weekend. My uncle told me where he keeps the key. What do you say?”

“Okay, sounds good.  Let’s drink to it.”

Gina had a superpower. She could outdrink them all. 

Tony’s left eye was beginning to shut. She watched him and listened again to their story about the aliens. He and Dirty J. had witnessed the event in a field out in the middle of nowhere.  Dove season had just begun. The alien ship first looked like a pair of headlights but the closer it came, the more massive it became. It seemed to them like two free-floating refrigerators suspended in thin air.  Only they moved liked lightning. The men had panicked and backed out so quickly they’d crashed into a tree. They were clearly shaken, and sure the ship or ships had followed them back to the town of Remembrance. 

Gina had taken it all in and noted the sun sinking below the horizon. She looked at Sue and motioned it was time to go.  They might have trouble locating the cabin in the dark. 

“Tony leave your ride here, we’ll pick it up tomorrow.”  I’ll drive.”

Tony stood up and swayed. His good eye had started to close. 

He slapped himself with a paw and pointed to her.

“Okay, pretty puss. I just want you to know, whatever happens, you don’t have to sleep with me.”

“As if,” Gina thought, chuckling. 

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