Fish Or Cut Bait

Fish Or Cut Bait.

Katya and Tiki
were pros.

They scored another round.

The castle windows gleamed
the shadows lifted
no more despots
or tyranny would rule
that region
for one thousand years.

The Bald Wonder
would find a suitable replacement
now that nesting season
was in full swing.
He and the Mrs. alternating shifts
warming the nest. Allowing him enough free time to do so.

It was another nick in Katya’s belt
of many stars.
She reflective and a touch sad because
the change in season signaled the finish
of another good run.
A run filled with plumbing,
and quick thinking.

Katya would take Tiki home
to Kahalu’u.
Deposit him on the muddy banks where he would wait for her to call.
Wait and watch
for another overstuffed Archie
or Monsanto chemical runoff, thinning the fish herd.
His patience already thin resembling a suji (monofilament) line but traded in
for a better PowerPro Green 15 lb. braid,
invisible to the big fish buried deep
below the mud
Tiki ready to ponce in Katya-like fashion.

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