Katya’s X Files

Katya’s X Files

Katya knew


all the bodies were.

So did Tiki.

Their secrets now smoldering

inside the top of a rusty wheelbarrow,

the blacked out IOU’s

the old headlines, lost family portraits

the sooty fingerprints

carefully smudged.

She exhaled wrapping her arms tightly

around her

for the moment they were safe.


All the Kings horses and all the King’s men

couldn’t fix the blunders, the payoffs

or bankroll the lawyer’s yachts or trips to exotic locales.

Not to mention his whores, and that multitude

was just the tip of the iceberg.


It was time for primitive Tiki,

the Indonesian fishing god,

to put his plan into motion.

The Prince was about to embark on a trip to the islands.

It was good publicity.

Good for business.

Tiki would accompany him.

He would introduce him to Suzy.

Suzy Pacu had a weakness for royal blood.

How else was a single girl going to

get some satisfaction.

She would eat him up.


©Cornelia Connie DeDona 4-11-18






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