Into The Gloom

Into The Gloom


The springs

on the attic stairs creak when lowered.

Above me, cobwebs string a passage,

lined with daddy long legs scurrying to stay

inside the shadows.

A shaft of light from a small window

pierces the gloom, exposing the intricate web.

On top of the sole floorboard

in the far corner

surrounded by

pink insulation sits a pile

of heavy cardboard boxes

carefully penned with a black sharpie.

A remnant of my youth abandoned.

I crouch and sit cross-legged next to the heap.

Flashlight in hand.

Close my eyes for a moment,

wrap my arms tight to ward off the chills.

A musty kiss brushes my cheek.

Raising hairs, as I open the first flimsy box, flip the contents.

The stack slides out settling into a heap between the beams.

Clark Kent and Supergirl stare from glossy pages.

Superheroes overcome by red kryptonite, buried

along with their evil counterparts.

And Him.

At first glance with no trace of recognition

he then approaches with open arms

to grasp my shoulders and close me in.

Lex Luthor, tricked into this Bizarro world.

Left to brood over his misfortune.

Fiendishly plotting Superman’s downfall

his destiny

as the ultimate ruler

of Planet Earth

and with my help,

his fated escape from obscurity.

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