An Educational Movie

I am against violence in schools, any schools, anywhere. We need accountability. We need our politicians to step up. We need our children to be safe. Our future depends on it. 

Back in the 60’s kids passed notes, chewed gum and shot different ammo…


An Educational Movie

The projector’s fan hummed.

It was pitch black.
Perfect cover.
Our mission featured onscreen.
We drilled
to assess the site, record our findings;

there would be a test.

The jungle steamed.

Small muscular


men with piercings and tattoos

Noiseless we signaled.

No prisoners.
Straws passed.
We fashioned the ammo from tiny balls
of paper and spit.
Trained our sights
circled wide
closed tight
firing round upon round.
The onslaught

bulls-eyed the movie screen

blanketed the

tan tile

and a brash number of body parts.

The battle won.

The blameless,

in jeopardy.



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