Cutting Through The Fog


every time I give in

I am a wretch filled with piss and vinegar.

I don’t need a shot to numb the pain.

I prefer to feel the sword slicing through my armor.

I want the blood to fill my boots

see my limbs fall away from my frame.


I want to sail the savage world

taste the salt of tropical sandy coasts,

the wonder of a new adventure.

I want my mate to taste the spoils with me





The castle walls are crumbling.


I am not magic.

I am not a bitch.

I am not a Princess.


The plan is to

slay the giant

rescue the prey

part with the ghosts.

Together we can reimagine the ruins and triumph.

I need your support, not your apology.

I need a partner, a fighter, most of all

I need a friend.


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