Arche Tick Types

One may misinterpret this lone star tick for another

do not be so hasty. If he is allowed to rule

that may be your last self-governing choice.


Make no mistake

This tick tricks and is nasty

it can and will make you sick.

Not to be mistaken for the mystic or the triptych

which are something else entirely


the spangled lone star tick

has orange hair

and very large incisors

which it sharpens

on a wit tick

who is not funny at all


no indeed

the wit tick

has not even one funny bone

in it’s entire arachnid form

it has an even smaller stick

if you get my drift

which I sense is why the lone star

lacks any standards at all.


A new prototype

is on the horizon

but this tick

will only profit

from the nitwits

in power

and infect us all

with nervous ticks.



More Tick types later.






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