Persistent Noise

Persistent Noise


It continued for forty days

the drip, drip, drip,

ping, ping, ping,

tap, tap, tap

       until I stopped hearing it.

Fading into the distant roar

of a thousand hands clapping, encouraging creative minds to

delve deeper, pursue with a vengeance that which needed to be drawn out.

As a bucket lowered into a well

disappearing down until the only sound left

               was the creak of the crank.

Splashing at the bottom

drifting upward

higher and higher, louder and louder until the drip, drip, drip was

                 drunk, drunk, drunk.

Soothing parched throats

cold fluid

energy harnessed and recycled

ebbing, flowing, contained, excreted.

Sustaining life

pouring down onto the earth

returning again into the air

in an endless cycle

multiplying the percentages


           until the element defines us.


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