Waking Up Happy

It’s five thirty a.m.

and I’m looking for something to say

an opening line

a clever cliché

something fresh



and suddenly….

it come to me

I have attained a level of nirvana

that is



It is the autumn of my life

I am almost divorced

and possibly one grain

short of a beach

but outside…

outside (daytime, this past week)


The leaves are changing!


Reds, oranges and yellows

burst against

a deep blue cloudless sky

and I am healing

from the stuff of life

And I grin

because everyone is wondering…

Doesn’t she miss Hawaii…is she GAY?

OMG–I bet she hates men now!


And I reply


Ask yourself

am I happy?

then think about what needs to happen in Your life?

The first step

is the hardest

the zombies will NOT make way for you

you will have to do it yourself

So take out the barrel of sterile wipes and keep defogging the lens

act as if you actually know what you’re doing

keep talking, resort to sign language if you have to

Zombies don’t communicate well!


Big smile


here’s the thing; according to my best friend A.,

I’m healing and that’s ENOUGH for now.

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