Black & Blue

Black and BlueFlorentine Horse

He is lost.

The speckled Mustang is gone

their black and white world

once sharp and simple

blurred and complex

once solid and strapping

disparate and drained.


The  thoroughbred

aroused and intent on manufacturing a sanitized reality

prolonging the tumultuous crush of

heel spurs, whips searing flesh

mouths dripping sweat, spitting insults.

Compelled to continue

until his spirit quashed

its own refrain.

And she, a high-strung graying Philly

has escaped the rankle

raw and resolute.

A changeling


from a bloodied vortex of undiluted memory

still reeling but fully conscious.

Her star

liberated from a black bog.

once forced to digest her faults

now unrestrained and fearless.


over her

lost credits, lost shine, and lost influence.

Finally able

to imagine a life

beyond black and blue.

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