SO you’ve got a WINNING Title and subtitle for your book, what’s next?
(YOU’RE NOT SURE? Read next week’s post to find out the formula)

How To Promote Your Book

On Amazon

1.   Ensure you are categorized in super niche categories. (Where is your target   audience?)

2 .   Conduct your Amazon “Book Buying” campaign during a 24-48 hour period.   (Pre-market your book)

 3. Create a BOOK LAUNCH TEAM.

  (other bloggers in your network, including community leaders, people with lists and tribes, that will HELP YOU promote your book.)

4     Organize bulk book purchases from associations and professional organizations.

5     Utilize Amazon TOOLS: Amazon Create Space, Author Central, Author’s Rank, and Kindle.

** To get on the fast track check out: “Bestseller in a Weekend”

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