Navigating Change: Making A Difference

Kealoha Poetry Slam-8 (2)Kealoha Poetry Slam-9Kealoha Poetry Slam-16Kealoha Poetry Slam-19Kealoha Poetry Slam-22Kealoha Poetry Slam-23
Kealoha Poetry Slam-27Kealoha Poetry Slam-31Kealoha Poetry Slam-40Kealoha Poetry Slam-89Kealoha Poetry Slam-100Kealoha Poetry Slam-112
Kealoha Poetry Slam-113Kealoha Poetry Slam-120 (1)Kealoha Poetry Slam-122Kealoha Poetry Slam-128Kealoha Poetry Slam-133Kealoha Poetry Slam-134

These 16 pictures are courtesy of Habilitat!
An Evening of Poetry at Habilitat, with special guests Kealoha, the first Poet Laureate of Hawaii, myself Connie D. and Fellow Pen Woman, Marcia Zina Mager

A Special Thank you to Habilitat Poets
Sarah S.
Ocie G.
Shannon N.
Mark B.
Krystal A. for the ART

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