Seeking Employment

Mature woman with skills in office management, publishing, editing and bookkeeping seeks position as an Assistant. Hard worker, excellent people skills, willing to learn.

Mature? as in 50+– Fat Chance!



So what’s a mature woman to do?

Become an Expert, that’s what!


So I need your Help—I need you to tell me what problems you are having, navigating the internet?

The other day I got an email from Joanne Z. she wanted me to take her off my Google + email list because frankly she was getting too much stuff from me, stuff she didn’t want or have time to read. So how can you gracefully un-friend a friend on the internet?

I have GOOGLE+ and if I add you to my circles as a friend or an acquaintance and you add me back and I am  sending out way too many updates, what can you do to get rid of those updates? Besides spending all of your time hitting the delete button?

I still like you; I just don’t want all of your updates. 

Well, you can check out my blog from time to time, if you want to catch up AND you can simply hover over that green box next to the email and un-check the friend box in your g-mail account. That’s on the far right next to the email message. It will be highlighted in green. What if you don’t have g-mail? If you don’t have g-mail, you can still ask your friend to un-check you from their circles, after all what are friends for? 


Send me your Questions!

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