Habilitat Luau Fundraiser


the day will roll out

like a red carpet

to a luau

of roasted pig

chicken long rice



coconut pudding

and shaved ice.

Today I will say hello

to friends

my hanai family of

poetry students

I will sign my name

bid at the silent auction

I may win

I will bid at the live auction

and wonder at the energy

the craze

of owning an impulse

and at what cost?

Today I will enjoy

the soothing entertainment

local talent



that will serenade me

beneath a trio of giant tents

in a school field.

The sun that will continue to beat down

blink its ever-changing code

and dance again with a rain shower





their steps co-mingling

dry and wet

sizzling puddles

tamping down parched fields

tamping down my fear

tamping down the Earth

Today I will remember

why I am here

my purpose

for continuing

the rough climb

up the treacherous slope

of despair

and I will


and give back.

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