Turning Over A New Leaf


brings a series of challenges

designed to

make you react

the test score

is determined


how well

you navigate the orange cones.

I observed this

when I learned how to ride

a motorcycle

this rubber meets the road reckoning

of a higher power.

Constant change

inspires you

to turn over

a new leaf

ready or not

my energy consciousness

continues to rise

as I open the door

as I lift my right foot

and enter yet again

into the unknown

a familiar place now,

the left foot follows as it must

leaving only a faint footprint


The air

has a new smell

it is greener.

The door closes tightly

behind me

opening up

a brand new avenue

of decision making.

Shall I turn right or left

accelerate and howl at the wind

or merely grin satisfied

taking it Eco-slow and easy?

I look around

my eyes adjusting slowly

focusing on the pink glow

behind the Koolau

as the sun silently sets behind them.

I can smell the pretty flowers

Hawaiian gardenias

carefully woven

into a stephanotis lei

freshly picked

velvet white

laced with rich ambrosia

it reeks of decadence

and yet

I have reached

a well deserved


I wave

at the archaic

as I pass them by

grinning at yesterday’s

gasoline pumps

with nozzles stuck inside their ears

a place I

will soon forget;

an amazing thought

for an avid

former follower.


I hunt for

shiny new sentinels

an electric station

to top off

my Cayenne-red



A world with PV.


A world without

having to feed

parking meters

or paying fees at

city parking lots

with over one hundred stalls

allowed in the fast lane

during rush hour


one person




proceeding forward

into my golden years

rocking to my own beat

tapping my left foot

left finger

at a painless pace.

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