D.F. Sanders-Poet

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting D. F. Sanders at the Windward Writing Retreat at University of Hawaii’s Windward campus, six years ago. She is an accomplished author, writer and poet. I am proud to call her a friend and to share a couple of her award winning poems with you today.

D. F. Sanders has published poetry and articles in anthologies and periodicals since 1976 and is known for her science fiction and fantasy song lyrics.  She is the author of “A Hawai`i Book of Days,” which has been published in a Japanese language edition since July, 2006.  She received the Kolekolea Award for poetry from Windward Community College in 2007 and 2010, as well as an Honorable Mention for poetry from our  local branch of the N.L.A.P.W.(National League Of American Pen Women in Honolulu) in the 2012 Lorrin Tarr Gill competition, for her poem Texting. She also won the distinguished 2012 Golden Plover from The Windward Arts Council for her poem, Bookmarks. (not shown)


By D. F. Sanders, 1/21/12

They sit
in silent reverie,
heads bent, as if in prayer.
Fingers move swiftly, urgently
upon miniature rosaries.

They are rapt,
drawn into deep communion
with a vast, all-knowing

Intent upon the Word,
the faithful mark the hours
seeking wisdom,
searching for understanding,
wanting … something, anything, everything.

Their eyes seem distant,
as if entranced,
and their faces give no hint
of what lies beneath.

Members of a community of Devotion,
each is alone in a crowd,
separated from all others,
lost within.

And the Journey that each must take,
that has no ending,
begins with a single

Raining Up
By D. F. Sanders, 1/21/12

The clouds are raining up,
their glistening drops flung skyward
to hang suspended against
a patchwork quilt of slate and blue.

So delicate those drops seem, so lovely,
as they touch a brief moment,
now lost in time.

Until a restless wind arrives
to stir the heavens,
teasing loose shimmering ribbons of light
that spill down from above
and dance upon the sparkling air.

While we below,
to quench our parched and aching souls,
gaze up with yearning eyes
and open wide our hearts
to drink the sky.

For more info: http://www.indigenouspeople.net/hawaii1.htm


or friend her on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001046709054

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