Do YOUR Chickens Fart?

Do YOUR Chickens Fart?


Do your chickens fart?  I need farting chickens.

Yes in fact they can fart in 7 different languages

Really. What other languages do they know?

English, German, French, Spanish Japanese, Koreanand

Chickens (Photo credit: Allie's.Dad)

Sign language

Wow-that is AMAZING! Where did they go to school?

University of Purdue

DUDE–Your chickens graduated from college?

Well- NO they didn’t actually graduate.

Why Not?

When it finally came time to take the final exams—they couldn’t trust their farts.

They couldn’t trust their farts?

Nope they couldn’t trust their farts–So tell me, why do you need farting chickens?

I have a centipede problem—I’ll take the ones that know sign language.

No problem—we’ve got just what you need! You know that chickens EAT centipedes, right?

Yeah I know—I need them to sneak up on the centipedes and we all know that this breed of farting chicken is silent but deadly!

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