Consciousness is Overrated

Cover of "Lucky Jim"
Cover of Lucky Jim
Sir Kingsley Amis Novelist and poet
Sir Kingsley Amis Novelist and poet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Consciousness was upon him before he could get out of the way. 

Kingsley Amis

The author of Lucky Jim was born on this day in 1922.


Consciousness is Overrated

Consciousness was upon him before he could get out of the way. 

And that wasn’t his last mistake

there was a pattern to his madness

why did everything have to come

with a warning label

why couldn’t life be simple like in the good old days?

Simple Watson,

because life is

a continual force

to be reckoned with

a seismic disturbance

a belch

a fart

that won’t be contained


at leisure

and at the most inopportune times

like when you’re sitting in the hot tub with

your honey

or during the quietest moment of the movie

in a packed full theater

when the two young lovers

are in a hot embrace

and some-one didn’t shut their cellphone



as you cuss loudly

to no one in particular

as they try to find

their damned phone

in the bottom

of a really


black bag

in a blacker theater

in the DARK

you moron


And then

you remember that you had an appointment

and you shouldn’t be here

in this theater

YOU should have called


And the all-knowing


godlike creature that you

once thought

was the world


and screams

yet again

in your ear


the world


and you have to pay attention

or it will suck you in

chomp on you

and then spit you out

and no one

will ever love you ever


because you’re OLD

and stupid.

AND your rotten carcass

will be attracting Aussie flies

you know, the ones

that no matter how hard

you try to brush them away

will stick like lint

to your alligator skin

because you’re doing it all WRONG!

Because you refuse

to get off this stiff dead horse

of a life

and the town’s


the one you’ve been riding

since kindergarten

is going out of business.

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