Walls and Bridges

Gustav Bauernfeind: The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
Gustav Bauernfeind: The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walls and Bridges

It’s big

and rectangular

with many openings

for people to look out of

to say hello

to share their thoughts

to laugh

to be real


Think back to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In

or further back to The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

why is it so hard to describe

to build

to envision

why would building a wall

cause so many problems?



because it

only shows us

a small view

of a larger picture

Maybe because

it leaves out

too much

gives us too little to work with

Doors, walls, windows

let light in

but they also

seal it out

enclosing us

in small rooms

with small minds

who would take away



and color.


That can’t be WHY

it must be a break-down in communication

because that isn’t what we want

Sealing off…NO


We want to bring humor and light

we want to share our struggles in a different vein

to look at ourselves less seriously

because if we get too serious

things get strained

like applesauce

once a crunchy red delicious fruit

cut into bite sized chucks

Now ..well, now something else

not fruit at all

resembling baby food

a warm thick yellowish sludge

shoveled into a toothless

mouth and swallowed

as a wet dry vacuüm cleaner

sucks up

dirt and water.

AND so when I say

I want to build a wall

I’m really saying

I want to build a bridge

a way for us to connect

as people

you sharing

me sharing

and together

we build something worth talking about.

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