Waiting for Superman

She falls
scraping her knee
on the concrete
dropping them.

rolling off the curb
into the gutter
to lodge
in the grate
above the sewer
above the rushing
raging fecal river.

She pauses
long enough to brush off the dirt
wipe up the blood
careful not to inhale.

One charm in the box
sweeter than the rest
a long-legged beauty
humming a familiar tune
over their white noise
at stiff lipped suits
making shiny promises.
Their dimes dropped and
digits flipped, at girls
who go to school
in the same stained dress
day after day.
Silent ones

drained of color
who hope for better,
knee-deep in filth
with only stiff smiles
out-stretched palms
and the dog-eared comics
of super heroes
to rescue them.

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