To W. S. Merwin

Let us run naked
in the tall grass
to proclaim
our place in nature.

Let us frolic as children
our nimble limbs dancing
atop young dandelion heads
diffusing the air with smooth laughter.

Unpretentious and informed
exhaling full red-lipped verse
as if the blackness of the universe
were but a comma in our sentence.

Let us sing in the meadow
like the plovers home at last.
Let us warm ourselves
in the commitment of the Sun.

Let us share our wonder with the monarch butterfly
our two backs lying flat on the ground
gazing up at the clouds, chewing on metaphors
fully engaged; as the cool green grass pokes our necks
and persistent flies tickle our forms.
Let us muse over
and value the matchlessness
of this finite jungle of exotica.

And let us plant a tree
not just any tree but an endangered Palm
one lonely orphan still left in the wild
needing a home,
a small piece of the Earth
to hold fast to.

To perpetuate meaning
to convey the message to those who will surely follow
to those who must remember
what their place is.Image

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