Powerful Words – Opening Doors is a Poetry Slam Dunk!

Prepare to be inspired, aroused and LOL!

The production begins with a skit in the tradition of Saturday Night Live.    Add in six Author interviews sprinkled throughout, fourteen brilliant performances and we are LIVE, HAWAII!
This time, I‘ve invited my friends, who have powerful and passionate things to say, that have overcome obstacles and opened a few doors of their own. Women who ROCK!
Heavyweights like my  friend,  Kumu Hula, Anita `Ilima Kauka Stern who has has agreed once again to bless and  open the Pen Woman conference at Punahou this March. My old friend, Kathryn Waddell Takara, a highly accomplished author and retired UH professor, who has a distinctive voice and style and my new Pen Woman friend, Marcia Zina Mager, who does an inspiring RAP that you just have to hear!  Another of my W.C.C. Writing Retreat friends, Peggy Baxter Barnhardt, joins us to share about being a slam judge and her thoughts on the homeless situation and Marilyn Maya Mendoza, an author of a memoir, who I shared the podium with at the Kapolei Public Library who suffers from panic attacks.   She fills us in on a thing or two about mental illness.
It is my distinct pleasure to introduce the Habilitat Resident Poets.  Deven R., Logovae A., Sarah S., Kalani M., Sherlyn A., Shawn H., and our sketch artist,  Kahoku.  A big thank you to my Artist friend, Jenee Wonderlich for the sketch stand.  Thank you to Caroline D. and Natalie G. for appearing in the opening skit and for my eloquent introduction.
Thank you to my son, Jason DeDona, and my husband, Capt. Tommy DeDona,  who contributed their talents to construct and paint our set.
Special thanks to Jeffrey V.  Nash, Habilitat’s Facility Director and our Olelo producer, whose creative talents worked overtime to film, refilm, edit and leave very little on the virtual cutting room floor. I couldn’t have done it without you!
In conclusion I’d like to quote a verse from the Nickelback hit song, ~ When We Stand Together — That’s When We All WIN!!   I love the lyrics in this song!
Powerful Words–Opening Doors: Slam Poetry at Habilitat Hawaii

Coming Soon to Olelo—Stay Tuned!

Words are the keys that unlock the healing power within each of us.
Authors, Slam Poets, Poets and Habilitat Resident Poets and Artists join together to
inspire a healing connection through the power of the Spoken Word.
Get inspired and plug  in to your power.

In Order of Appearance:
Cornelia “CONNIE D.” DeDona http://www.corneliadedona.com

Kumu Hula,

Anita `Ilima Kauka Stern   http://insightmedia.us/alohablessings/index.html

Marilyn Maya Mendoza http://fromagoraphobiatozen.wordpress.com
“I am honored to have been part of such a powerful program. I hope you all watch this and enjoy the talent of the young residents as well as the invited guests. We gave our all. Aloha!”

Peggy Baxter-Barnhardt http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-0036785017/default.aspx

Marcia Zina Mager http://www.marcia-zina-mager.com

Dr. Kathryn Waddell Takara http://www.kathrynwaddelltakara.com      “I just want to say cheers to your efforts, organizational skills, successful networking in bringing together such a wonderful diversity of voices, and an altogether successful evening at Habilitat. The video tells it all. Thank you so much for making it happen and including me, and all done in such a creative and memorable way.”

Habilitat Hawaii is a long-term residential treatment center. Contact Habilitat at 1-800-872-2525 or go online at:  http://www.habilitat.com

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