Red Sunrise

Red Sunrise

6 thoughts on “Red Sunrise

    1. We get these when the trade winds stop too–it is a sign from Madame Pele reminding us of the present eruption of Kilauea on the Big Island–our version of smog–we call it Vog


      1. It sounds so exotic, all the names of Islands and volcanoes. I’d love to visit, I went to Tenerife and walked up Mount Teide. An active (quiet) volcano. Great fun, and you live with so many more, active ones.

        One day I will come to travel and walk Hawaii, my long term bucket list.



  1. Wow that is beautiful and interesting with the palm trees..I love the colors of red and orange…ahhh Hawaii is awesome. We vacationed there a few years ago and we both fell in love with it….came home ready to move:)


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