Figure 20 from Charles Darwin's The Expression...
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that you toss
the could have had
avoid all the should have’s
not matter what the price don’t make
a fuss.

It glares through your eyes
and into your brain
cheering you on
discouraging you from
drawing undue attention to it
or making waves.
It is a coward
droning its mantra
into your ear
until you believe
uniting with others who feel as you do
accepting it as fact
distrusting your basic instincts
no longer seeking help
or listening to reason.

you into acceptance and apathy
It will have you
acknowledging that it is selfless
seducing you for your own good
insisting that you follow its lead
persuading finally
that you come quietly
and not argue.
Altering forever
what would have been
into what must be.

**Inspired by Happy Family—a film at the Italian Film Festival in Honolulu.








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