Dryer Woes

Dryer Vents
Image by cthoyes via Flickr

My dryer’s vent
came through
the colonoscopy okay
she was wide awake and talking
for the entire operation.
No drugs used
or animals
during this procedure.

We had to go in and
surgically remove
several large polyps
with a rather long, hooded
sans camera.

Dr. D. is a genius.

She had been feeling
sluggish of late
complaining of
and irritable bowel syndrome
couldn’t dry any
jeans past the damp stage.

After the operation
she was able to sit up
and we are happy to report
although she did experience
some lint laden hiccups
she did finally facilitate a
dryer event.

Poor dear
she’s relaxing comfortably
for the moment,
she doesn’t know yet
about the follow-up surgery
scheduled for next year.
She’s been spewing non-stop
hot about
hooking up
with a young energy saver
with tight abs.

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