Bright Objects Hypnotize the Mind

Slot Machines
Image by ragingwire via Flickr

the mind, conceal
discernment in a
tapestry. A spinning
top wobbles and slams into
wall. A pear shaped diamond ring at
Tiffany’s. A shooting star. A slot
machine paying a huge jackpot. Bright things
hypnotize the mind. Sunshine mirrors sea
headlights glare inside island tunnel
the full moon’s steady starless ascent
a thousand candle watt light
shined into the starving
dark Chilean eyes
of trapped miners


**Double etheree

18 thoughts on “Bright Objects Hypnotize the Mind

  1. wagwan.
    bright objects hypnotize the mind,
    bright objects are chronic, hypochondriac, vulcanizing the mind
    bright objects dance in mind, dance with mind
    bright objects are objects of the mind
    shaped by the mind
    perceived by the mind.


  2. Well done, It is a fast-paced poem that feels like it is taking you down deeper and deeper into a tunnel of mystery with its words. Its suspense at its best! GREAT JOB! 😀

    Feel free to check out my poems as well and let me know what you think! 🙂


  3. Bright objects hypnotize the mind – a great title, rhythm, cadence, whatever
    I could have done with it at the end where it would have had a dying fall – Bright objects hypnotize the mind – and a clang of finality to it.
    Thanks for the pleasure


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