Mohonk Preserve is my church

I return

to craft moments

capture memories

blaze trails

its pastoral beauty quiets my mind

permits my spirit to soar with the eagle

high above the sweaty rocks glistening in the mid-day sun.


I return to scramble

Giant’s Path

Rock Rift

Bonticue Crag.


I celebrate in the black snakes

gliding through Duck Pond

while I sit and snack on wild blueberries.


I rejoice in Raptors posing on ledges

taking flight

watching us, watch them.


I witness the devotion

of my fellow hikers reflected in pools

beneath waterfalls

the cool mist as it soothes tired bodies

the fierce beauty that surrounds us all.


I return to the land

to witness Spring’s

Trillium Erectum

Wild Ginger, Blood Root

all stalwart parishioners.


I return to the land

to cross Summer’s Rhododendron Bridge

and disappear into a cloud of pink and white Mountain Laurel.


I return to the land

to gaze at Autumn’s

Red Oak

Mountain Ash

Sugar Maple


ablaze with red, orange and yellow

to marvel at the revelation


and within.


I return to the land in Winter

to realize the glacial majesty

net the mirror images

and the light

always the light

in slow water and ice

in the footprints left behind

to find the divine in a frosty pine.


I return devout

week in and week out.

I return to plug in, exult and give thanks.


I return.

I return.

I return.



©Cornelia DeDona 10-17-16



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